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    MarEng was a transnational project that aimed to promote the maritime English language competences of those working in the various maritime professions in Europe. Its objective was to produce an innovative maritime English learning tool to be made available on the Internet.

    MarEng es un proyecto internacional que pretende promover el conocimiento del Inglés marítimo entre los profesionales marinos en Europa. Su objetivo es el de crear una herramienta de aprendizaje innovadora disponible en internet.

    • Mobile Phone Glossary

      The MarEng Plus Mobile Glossary is a Java program. Look at your phone's manual if it supports MIDP 2.0 (aka Java 2.0) with CLDC 1.1.

      1. Transfer MarEngPlus.jar to your phone using USB cable, Bluetooth, MMS or phone's Web Browser. Look at your phone's manual how to do it.
      2. Locate the transferred file in your phone and run it.
      3. Follow the instructions the phone gives you
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